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County approves biofuel firm’s archaeological study

Lake County’s Board of Commissioners approved a request from Red Rock Biofuels, LLC, to undertake an archaeological study related to a prospective natural gas installation site for a potential local industrial development.

In recent weeks, the firm spoke with the County Commissioners about its plans to develop a plant that would create jet fuel from biomass material residue.  The company is also interested in the integration of natural gas for its operations, plumbing into the Ruby natural gas pipeline.

The Commissioners shared a concern as to whether the cultural study could also be applied to other developments, reflecting current interest by Cornerstone Industrial Minerals in natural gas integration.  The County’s attorney Jim Bailey confirmed that the same study could be applied to Cornerstone’s development, whom he said was holding off on taking action until it was known what action would be taken by Red Rock Biofuels.

The Commissioners unanimously approved issuance of a letter of authorization to Red Rock Biofuels for their requested archaeological study.

The Commissioners also discussed the PM Advance Action Plan as presented before the board.

Additional action items approved by the County during the meeting included an amendment to its Connect Oregon IV airport-related agreement, an order for the sale of county properties and ODOT documents related to the county’s participation in the Special Transportation Funds program.

The Connect Oregon IV amendment is a date change from Dec. 1, 2013, to July 1, 2014, which Facilities Mgr. Dave Berman said is due to a more favorable timeframe for paving work, weather wise.

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