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County approves Chamber funding requests

Lake County’s Board of Commissioners approved funding requests from the Lake County Chamber of Commerce for their summer Munch & Movies program, as well as the Fourth of July fireworks show.

The action, taken during the Wednesday, June 19, regular session, followed discussion during a work session the day before. The funding for the Much & Movies series, which will offer up a weekly movie at no charge to the community on the courthouse lawn, amounts to a sponsorship of one of the films.

“This isn’t a county function,” said Commissioner Brad Winters. “We’re being asked to sponsor one movie and provide a (location).”

This cost is $271 in total, including the cost of securing the permission to screen the film and shipping charges.  The county authorized the use of video lottery dollars for this purpose.

Commissioner Dan Shoun abstained from participating in the vote, as a member of the Lake County Chamber of Commerce. Commissioner Ken Kestner noted that the plan for the program, as discussed Tuesday, is to expand it to include Paisley.  He also stressed that the county is not looking to sustain the series, but the hope is to help it to grow into self-sustainability.

Commissioner Shoun said the county should encourage local businesses to support the series and supported the promotion of businesses that sponsor the movies each week. Admin. Asst. Denise Thorsted noted that the county’s Facilities and Lands Mgr., Dave Berman, is working on moving the movie night inside to Memorial Hall in the event that inclement weather is an issue.

The Commissioners approved the donation of $500 to the Lake County Chamber as well as $500 to the North Lake/Christmas Valley Chamber for their respective Fourth of July programs. The Lake County Chamber donation is specified for the fireworks show, and the North Lake donation was proffered with the condition that the dollars be used appropriately toward fireworks and their Fourth of July celebration.

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