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County approves public health IGA, special transportation service proposals

Lake County’s Board of Commissioners recently approved an intergovernmental agreement with the Oregon Health Authority for continued public health services in the 2013-15 biennium.

The county took action on the matter during their Tuesday, June 25, work session. Lake County Public Health Dir. Mary Wilkie and Beth Hadley were both present for the discussion.

The IGA ensures continued state funding for public health services in the amount of $122,226, toward the funding of the local public health department, according to county paperwork.

Wilkie noted that there are no major changes to the IGA from previous years and is a routine action in light of the new biennium’s start.

A second item, the county voiced their support for a memorandum of agreement between Lake County Public Health and Lake District Hospital, pertained to targeted case management home visits for families enrolled in the Department of Medical Assistance Program.

Wilkie noted that this agreement would present no additional cost to the county but rather would improve the coordination of services at ground level locally.

The MOA had not been brought before the hospital yet as of the Tuesday commissioners meeting, she said.

Admin. Asst. Denise Thorsted brought forth three proposals received following an RFP process for Special Transportation services.

The Commissioners approved proposals by Inner Court Family Center of Paisley, Southern Oregon Goodwill of Lakeview and the Lake County Senior Citizens Association as service providers.

For a total distribution of $101,042, the funding distribution includes $12,000 to the Inner Court Family Center, $71,500 for the Lake County Senior Citizens Association and $17,542 for Southern Oregon Goodwill.

The funding issued serves the 2013/15 biennium, Thorsted said.

Business Mgr. Jay Collins presented a wellness program policy for the Commissioners’ review.

The policy outlines the mission and purpose of the wellness committee, as well as provides a framework for administration portion of program.

The prevention of injuries and illnesses among county employees helps to reduce costs to government services as well as improve their productivity.

Collins noted that the goal is to have the entire county represented by the wellness committee, which will include managerial, non-managerial, union and non-union employees.

Hadley said the committee consists of some permanent members as well as those that serve on a volunteer basis.

Lake County School District No. 7 Supt. Sean Gallagher provided the Commissioners with a brief update on local education topics.

Gallagher touched upon budgetary issues, including the unknown end figure for the statewide education budget.

Gallagher indicated two elementary school teachers had been hired, and hiring was underway for history and economics teaching positions.

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