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County building official position discussed

During a Tuesday, March 18, work session, Lake County Building Department Code Specialist Jennifer Stephens discussed the issue of a contracted building inspector for the north end of the county.  Former inspector Jan Lewis is no longer providing this service due to no longer being employed by Klamath County, and discussion pertained to addressing the need for overnight accommodations in the North Lake area for whomever may take over this contracted role.

Commissioner Ken Kestner said that safety concerns exist due to the extensive travel necessary between North Lake and Klamath Counties.

At the County’s regular session held in Christmas Valley on Wednesday, March 19, local resident Terry Crawford inquired on the county’s long-term plans for this service.  Shoun confirmed that the county is looking at a permanent solution while still continuing services on a contracted basis.

He also said that Klamath County has not indicated any plans to opt out of its contract.

Commissioner Brad Winters noted that the county is obligated by state law to provide a building official.

The position is currently contracted due to the departure of former Lake County Building Official Tony West. The contracted arrangement has come at an estimated savings of $150,000 to the county’s general fund, he said.

“It’s been a very positive (arrangement),” Winters said.

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