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County Commissioners read Community Justice Proclamation

Lake County Commissioners met Tuesday, July 15, and Wednesday, July 16, for work and regular sessions to discuss points of county business.

A Community Justice Proclamation was read by Commissioner Brad Winters, which served to bring recognition to the Community Justice professionals who work to be a “Force for Positive Change in their communities.” Dir. Jake Greer spoke on the good work that county parole officers put forth for their community.

Planning Dir. Darwin Johnson proposed county fee ordinance changes that would impact clerk and planning fees in certain county departments. Changes were made to the ordinance with plans for the final decisions to be made when the Commissioners meet again in mid-August.

AccTech Solution discussed their county contract with the Commissioners entailing several IT updates around the county including an implementation of a new Sheriff’s office evidence room about to be built. Other plans include a security system card entry for county officials, video conferencing system management, wireless management between the county courthouse and annex, and other miscellaneous projects. The contract was approved in a unanimous vote by Commissioners Dan Shoun and Winters. Commissioner Ken Kestner was not present for the vote.

Fort Rock Store’s liquor license application that was signed by Commissioner Kestner at an earlier date was ratified, giving the store permissions to both serve and sell alcoholic beverages. The store was recently bought and revamped from the original owners. “For a community with only one store, it’s good for the store to be able to operate fully,” Commissioner Shoun said.

On Wednesday morning’s regular session, the Thomas Creek Fire District Operations representatives were present to discuss the District’s continued operations during the hearing. See related story for details.

The next Commissioners Meeting is on Tuesday, July 28 and Wednesday July 29.

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