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County examines open budget requests for 2014/15 fiscal year

A number of open requests for 2014/15 budget funding saw discussion by the Lake County Commissioners during their Tuesday, March 4, work session.

Lake County Airport Mgr. Tom Andrews presented several airport-related projects, including a ceiling in the airport hangar facility, a refurbishment of the pilot lounge area and a new security gate.

Commissioner Brad Winters said he viewed the security gate and lounge upgrades as priorities.

The estimate for the lounge project is about $8,500, while the security gate upgrade is estimated at $5,500.

Lake County Mental Health Dir. Ben Paz detailed a plan for a remodeling of the 2,500 square-foot mental health facility, expanding office space to afford more and a higher level of services ($230,000).

Included in this remodel is a pair of manufactured buildings for separation of children and adults within the facility.

“These additions would add a much needed professional (atmosphere) to our services,” said Paz.

Lake County Fairgrounds Mgr. Don Moore presented a sprinkler system for the south lawn, for which estimated costs came in at just under $9,800.  This system would afford an improved appearance of the fairgrounds’ grassy areas and also a savings on man-hours for maintenance purposes.

Commissioner Winters said this project likely needs to be completed before July 1, in light of the high amount of summer usage seen by the fairgrounds.

Winters also requested that Moore bring back the absolutes associated with the installation.  Commissioner Dan Shoun suggested the Lake County Fair Board must act on the project before bringing it before the commissioners for final approval.

Sheriff Phil McDonald’s presentation focused on a records management system update and jail records management program that would also afford mobile data access.

This request, in the amount of $64,650, addresses improved efficiencies in the Lake County Sheriff’s Department, Lake County Jail and the County’s computer system.

This system doesn’t include a server, which will be an additional $5,000.

The sheriff also submitted a request for a taser purchase and replacement program that would include the purchase of 20 tasers and related equipment for a total cost of $24,402.

At the end of five years, the company would take back the old units and replace with new ones, he said.

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