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County hears out the nonpartisan vote details

Changing the county commissioner positions to a nonpartisan standing will not be free.

As they move forward with the proceedings to have the public vote on the issue, the county board heard in their regular meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 20 about the cost they would incur. Legal counsel Jim Bailey informed them that the specially enacted vote would be about $9,000.

Brought forward with the insistence of public citizen Frank Vaughn, all three commissioners agreed with the prospect of a nonpartisan commission. The road to get there, however seems rocky.

With Bailey advising the most direct way would be for the board to pass an ordinance which would then go before the voters for approval, Commissioner Dan Shoun expressed continued hesitance. He said he was unsure about passing the measure and then subsequently asking for the public’s approval, when instead he would rather the public address it directly. After hearing from Bailey that the ordinance would be the quickest way to get a response, Shoun did ease his stance.

“I have to check my personal feelings at the door and need to react on the best of the people. We need to get a sense of that, and the only way to do that is to ask them.”


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