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County Jail HVAC system replacement bid approved

Lake County’s Board of Commissioners recently approved a bid for the replacement of the Lake County Jail’s heating, ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) unit.

The Commissioners held a special session on Tuesday, Sept. 10, with the sole item of action focused on approval of the bid.

The bid came in from Jason Curtis with Professional Heating & Cooling, Inc., of Redmond, in the amount of $39,595.  Curtis’ firm was the sole respondent to the RFP process in terms of completion, Commissioners Brad Winters and Ken Kestner noted.

The Commissioners approved pursuit of the upgrade project earlier this year, in light of aging infrastructure.  The jail, constructed in the mid-1950s, has an aging system in need of replacement in order to meet current and contemporary standards for corrections facilities.

Curtis, who was present at the Commissioners meeting, noted that the system proposed in his bid, meets all requirements for current standards for corrections facilities.

The county’s facilities manager, Dave Berman, also affirmed the proposal met all necessary qualifications and requirements.

As for the project’s timeline for completion, Curtis said that 90 percent of the project’s work scope is in the jail’s small cell section.

Brief discussion acknowledged the need to coordinate moving inmates for the purpose of a site visit prior to construction work.

Curtis estimated an eight-week timeframe for the entire project, with the design process commencing this week.  It will be two to three weeks for the HVAC equipment to be constructed.

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