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County Revises Property and Lands Manager Position

Lake County’s Board of Commissioners approved, following extensive discussion, minimal changes to the property/lands mgr. position during a special session held Tuesday, April 9.

Three suggestions had been brought to the table with how to revise the position currently held by Bob Pardee. Pardee recently tendered his resignation, with a tentative effective date of May 15.

The three options discussed included the establishment of a public works director, leaving the position status quo with minor adjustments and redistributing the position’s duties to other departments.

The commissioners ultimately went with the second proposal, leaving the position more or less as-is but moving the land sale and nuisance issues over to the planning department.

In doing so, the treasurer’s office agreed to provide additional clerical support with  Treasurer Ann Crumrine providing the caveat that she would determine the needs for hours.

Crumrine is to work with County Planning Dir. Darwin Johnson to determine the budgeting needs for this clerical assistance by increasing the clerical person’s part-time hours as needed, which may or may not mean full-time hours.

The motion on this decision passed in a 2-1 vote, with Commissioner Brad Winters casting the vote of opposition.

A second motion brought forth to re-advertise the job position, minus the two aforementioned elements of land sale and nuisance-related duties, also passed in a 2-1 vote. Winters also cast the vote of opposition in this motion.

By consensus, the commissioners agreed to change the title to ‘facilities manager,’ and also agreed by consensus to maintain the salary range of $42,000 to $48,000.

Clerical needs for the position will be examined after the new candidate is hired.

Regarding the options discussed, the prospect of creating a public works director that is a professional engineer raised concerns of related costs. Positives, as said by Building Inspector Tony West, included the potential for an in-house source of design needs and ideas, but there are also different levels of engineers, necessitating a need to determine what most common engineering needs would be for the position.

Business Mgr. Jay Collins raised the cost factor as a drawback to creating such a position.

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