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County rights mid-year budgets with resolutions

Budget season has already seen multiple resolutions to specific county departments. Hoping to reign in a few of the unwieldy expenditures and react to new revenue, the Lake County Commissioners approved eight separate resolutions during their regular meeting on Wednesday, Feb. 20.

In the previous regular session, the board and the budget committee looked over the mid-year review presented by county Treasurer Ann Crumrine. Looking closely at all of the funds and departments, she pointed out the ones that were over the 50 percent expenditure that should have shown during the half way point of their fiscal years. Responding to these, Crumrine said that she worked with department heads to find ways or transfers to remain under budget for the second part of the year.

The resolutions placed before the commissioners covered a range of departments and circumstances that needed attention.

Due to an increase in fuel sales during the Barry Point Fire, the airport’s budget needed adjustment. Likewise, because of incoming grant revenue that was not budgeted, both the railroad fund and the Public Health department required a resolution to reflect it.

On the opposite side of the spectrum the fair board, the veterans services office, the sheriff department and the vehicle pool all had additional expenses that exceeded expectations and needed adjustments from other places in the their budget.

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