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County schedules Christmas Valley property public hearings

County schedules Christmas Valley property public hearings

Following discussions at two separate board meetings, Lake County’s Commissioners scheduled a public hearing pertaining to the potential ownership transfer of three properties near the Christmas Valley airport.

The public hearing will be held on Thursday, April 24, at 10 a.m. in the Christmas Valley Community Hall.

The public hearing process falls under ORS 271.330, which attorney Jim Bailey said addresses transfers of property to another governing body.

The Commissioners received a request from Christmas Valley Park and Recreation District representative Ron Wilson for a potential donation of adjacent properties to the district.

During the March 19 commissioners meeting held in Christmas Valley, Wilson detailed the district’s plans for needed improvements to the airport facility.

Included in these improvements are work related to the taxiway and apron, the latter of which is in a particularly poor state of deterioration.

Wilson said that the district hoped to utilize the property parcels to meet a match requirement for its ConnectOregon grant funding pursuit.

In his presentation to the Commissioners, Wilson requested the aforementioned properties be deeded to the district as well as their support for the district’s ConnectOregon grant application.

The properties would allow for greater access to the airport, Wilson said.

Wilson noted that this year is a particularly crucial timeframe for the Christmas Valley Park and Recreation district, which owns and operates the airport.

If the improvement project is not pursued this year, the district stands to lose their previously banked grant funds, he said.

Though the properties do not hold as much cache as cash, Wilson said that they would show that the district is committed to the improvement project.

The Commissioners agreed to put together a letter of support for the project during the March 19 meeting, and scheduled public hearing during their April 2 meeting.

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