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County signs off on land sale deeds

An additional pair of QuitClaim deeds saw approval by the Lake County Board of Commissioners during their Tuesday, Aug. 6, work session.

A trio of parcels sold for a total of $4,133, priced at 15 percent of real market value as of June 17 in the weeks following the annual tax foreclosure land sale.

Planning Dir. Darwin Johnson presented the deeds to the Commissioners, with all three parcels sold to John C. Brennan at prices of $2,439, $915 and $779.

Johnson additionally updated the Commissioners on a nuisance issue regarding a North U Street property.

The owners, Rebecca Louise and Lorrine Ellen Cowdrey,  has been reached, with the original official notice resubmitted, but the owners reportedly indicated they would not be able to clean up the property.

Johnson also said that the original complainants in the case, Dan and Carole Coons, had expressed interest in purchasing the property.

For more information, call 541-947-6003, or visit www.lakecountyor.org.

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