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County to solicit requests for airport manager spot

Lake County will try again to find a manager for their airport.

During the County Commissioner work session on Tuesday, Feb. 19, the Commissioners continued the discussion that has been happening since current manager Bert Young, announced last May that he would retire at the end of 2012.

After examining the reasons for the first failed attempt at advertising a Request For Proposals, they decided to more aggressively extend their need for the immediate fulfillment of the position.

“Every day we’re getting closer to fire season, and I don’t know if we can keep Bert around for another one,” said county Lands and Property Mgr. Bob Pardee to the board.

For the past several months, their main expectation lay with an operation out of The Dalles who had approached and then visited the county with a tentative plan of fixed base operation for the airport.

However, as Pardee told the board, “They have yet to take any action.”

As with most of their airport talks, they found it difficult to gather specifics.

“It either comes down to hire somebody as a county employee or contract somebody,” said Commissioner Ken Kestner.

They received only two letters of interest from their first advertisement, neither of which fulfilled the terms of the RFP.

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