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Courthouse holds vehicle auction

Ten vehicles and two other pieces of Road Department equipment were sold during Lake County Courthouse’s surplus auction on Saturday, Aug. 2.

Sold in the auction were unneeded fleet vehicles including one GMC, two Chevrolets, three Fords and three Jeeps. One 14-passenger Champion bus model was sold as part of the county’s Special Transportation Funds Program (STP) through the State of Oregon. It was purchased with the funds and used by the Lake County Senior Center for transporting the elderly and disabled in North Lake. The bus was purchased by the County to be used in a variety of anticipated uses. The funds will then be transferred back into the STP.

The total amount made from the auction was $22,300. The funds that were raised by the Road Department equipment will go back to the department’s budget. The finances that were raised from the vehicles of the fleet will go back to into the Fleet Budget.

The other two pieces were a sander attachment that runs off of hydraulics for a 10-yard dump truck that could be used to sand private roads and a 600 gallon tack truck tank equipped with a heater with a wand, spray bar and motor that runs the pump.

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