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Courthouse security system completed

Lake County Courthouse Security Mgr. Lt. Paul Havel recently reviewed the completion of the courthouse security system upgrade during a March 4 work session.

The project, which was contracted out to Basin Telecom, a Klamath Falls-based firm, included upgraded IP cameras and ID card-access locks for certain access points of the courthouse.  The County approved the contract last summer, with the project’s close-out occurring in recent weeks.

Havel noted that the total cost associated with the project came in at $181,331.38, which reflects a lower number than originally budgeted last summer.

“We are able to monitor things we weren’t able to monitor previously, and the clarity of the cameras is exceptional,” Havel said.

Areas that now feature considerably more coverage include the veteran’s services area in the basement of the courthouse and the county vehicle fleet area on the parking lot, said Commissioner Brad Winters and Admin. Asst. Denise Thorsted.

Winters said he would look into a possible reduction in the county’s liability insurance as a result of the improved security system.

The Commissioners recently had the opportunity to witness part of the installation during their annual tour of the Lake County Jail facility, where the multi-monitor station is located.

Havel noted that there is a learning curve associated with the system’s development and operation, citing employee profile development for certain points of access for certain times of day.

A key asset to the card-lock access system is it affords maintaining access points without the worry of loss of physical keys, improving the factor of individual accountability.

Guest Orlando Gonzales asked if there was a maintenance agreement for the new system.  Havel said that the system is under warranty for six years, with maintenance and replacement costs covered under this warranty period.

Havel said there are no additional maintenance costs associated with the installation at this time.

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