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Cowboys break losing streak

After three losses in a row the Cowboys of North Lake School ended up with a win during the week of Jan. 28. Unfortunately, they could not earn two and went 1-1 for the week as a whole.

Playing Paisley at home on Tuesday, Jan. 29, the boys from North Lake were able to put together a team effort and show the lessons they have learned through out the difficult season. Beating Paisley 46-20, it showed a clear view of what Head Coach Brian Baker referred to as “putting together a complete game together.”

In their second match up, the Cowboys were even able to increase the spread, which in their first triumph over Paisley, they were only able to eke out a win by eight points.

The victory could only last so long, however as their Saturday, Feb. 2 match up against Hosanna Christian ended in defeat. The Lions bested the Cowboys with a wide spread of 78-42. A bright side could still be found in the loss as the last time the two teams met, North Lake fell by almost 50 points.

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