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Cross Country kids run at Cottonwood Lake course

Runners from Triad school in Klamath Falls, Burns, Paisley and Hines all gathered for Lakeview’s home Cross Country meet at Cottonwood Meadows over the weekend.  Saturday, Sept. 7 saw runners from high school and middle school teams competing against themselves and one another to make the course around the lake and back with a good time.

The middle school kids ran along a shorter, 3K course, with Alex Conley and Jessie Lee, two girls from Lakeview taking the first two spots, and Hines girls following in the next three.  Jakob Jaska and Dawson Pointere took third and fourth for the middle school boys, with Lane Hawley from Hines in first and Aiden Jones from Paisley in second.

Next, the high school girls ran the 5K course, with Lily Sabin from Lakeview taking third place, behind the first place Sarah Estabrook from Triad and second place Madison Winn of Burns.  Daniel Letham of Burns took the first place spot in the high school boy’s competition, followed by Brandon Bingham, also of Burns, and Nick Wiebelhaus from Lakeview.

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