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Culture Night showcases young artists

Culture Night showcases young artists

Lakeview High School’s Spring Culture Night highlighted the hard work and immense talents of Lakeview’s aspiring young artists, held at the Gathering Place on Thursday, April 24.

Featuring music, dramatic performances, and artwork on display created by students, the evening was a chance to raise funds for the school’s arts program and showcase many of the skills learned over the past year. Art stations were also set up with students teaching skills such as watercolors and scratch art.

In addition to artwork being exhibited, there was also a judged student art competition overseen by Playa Exec. Dir. Deborah Ford, a college-level art instructor for 30 years who manages the Summer Lake-based artist retreat.

Ford complimented students on their tremendous work, noting how interpretation of art is subjective and therefore incredibly difficult to judge. Tori Crumrine, Marina Brazeal and Melissa Barnes were all awarded prizes for the top works of art in the competition according to Ford during a ceremony held before the final musical performances.

Under direction of LHS/DMS music teacher Sarah Davis and art teacher Jenna Schaljo, students performed before a large audience of family and peers. Some chose to sing as groups, others performed solo either singing or playing instruments, and one student, Faith Witham, performed a dramatic reading in a comedic faux-newscast style about the “white girl epidemic” that garnered uproarious laughter.

Saylor Antle, Aurora Price, Alyssa Brown, and Kate Shannon gave solo performances on musical instruments, and Marina Brazeal sang and played guitar solo for her first performance. Brazeal also sang with the assistance of Schaljo on drums for a rendition of Lorde’s “Tennis Court,” while Davis accompanied many of the evening’s performers on piano.

Singers performing included Caroline Shannon, Amber Lucas, Isabel Felder, Stacie Jones, Kalli Vo, Sarah Bowersox, Desi Peterson-Brown, Becka Andrews, Emily Andrews, Hannah Brown and Helen Erickson.

Many contemporary chart-topping songs were selected by students to perform, including St. Lucia’s “Elevate,” Colbie Callait’s “Bubbly,” and Lorde’s “Tennis Court.” Songs from Disney films were also a popular choice, with performances of “Part of Your World” from The Little Mermaid, “Do Re Mi” from Mary Poppins, and “Climb Every Mountain” from The Sound of Music closing the evening in an operatic performance by Sarah Davis.

Tears were shed by students and instructors alike at the conclusion of the event, as it was the final Culture Night for Davis, who will be leaving the Lake County School District at the conclusion of the school year after leading the school music program for the past two years.

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