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DA’s office door install delay due to manufacturing errors

A minor sidebar discussion on the status of a door for Lake County District Attorney Ulys Stapleton’s office took place at the Lake County Commissioners’ Wednesday, July 3, meeting.

Guest James Ross inquired on the status of the door for the DA’s office, which had been the focus of renovations and remodels in recent months.

Commissioner Dan Shoun noted that there had been repeated manufacturing issues with doors brought in for installation.

He also said the issue had been discussed with Stapleton, who reportedly didn’t have a problem with the absence of the door.

“We’ve gotten I don’t know how many sets of doors that were wrong,” Shoun said.

The commissioner also said that the manufacturer is responsible for the costs associated with the doors, and that the county will not end up swallowing the cost.

Admin. Asst. Denise Thorsted said the process is at its third attempt in obtaining a properly-made door for the DA’s office.

Commissioner Ken Kestner said the process started as a part of the DA’s resetting of his office.

Commissioner Brad Winters confirmed that the DA had talked to the commissioners and had no concern about the lack of a door.

Ross inquired on the reason for a camera in the DA’s office versus outside, or even an additional office in the stairwell between the lobby and upper level of the courthouse.

Winters didn’t comment on the first inquiry, but did say that cameras had been in the DA’s office prior to Stapleton’s arrival.

Regarding concerns of privacy, both Winters and Kestner said that private citizens would have privacy in the DA’s office. Thorsted said the county wants to ensure safety for all of its citizens as well as employees in the courthouse

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