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Dear Mayor Patrick and Town Council

Part 1 

Although I am not a resident of the Town of Lakeview, my husband and I do own property in town and I am the owner/manager of the Outback Yarn Company at 1 N. E St.  You know my husband, Brad, but you do not know much about me, so here is a little of my background.  When I retired from federal government employment in January 2004, I was a GS-12 engineering technician with the National Nuclear Security Administration, U.S. Department of Energy, Las Vegas, Nev.  In addition, I was a masters degree student in history at the University of Nevada Las Vegas.  I earned my B.A. in history, magna cum laude, at UNLV in 2001.  I also have an associate degree and a certificate, with honors, in building technology (construction management).  We moved to Lakeview four months after my retirement.

I have never used marijuana in any form, but I am in full support of medical marijuana, as is the State of Oregon.  Also, if I were to get sick, I would seriously consider using it without any qualms.  Two of the problems with the law as it currently exists are (1) how medical marijuana patients are able to obtain their medicine and (2) how it is grown.  So many of those to whom my husband and I have spoken must pay exorbitant amounts of money to their caregivers.  This is illegal.  They are at times given inferior medicine, which does not, in some cases, even help them to the degree that they need.  They need clean, pesticide-free, organic marijuana.  They will never be able to be sure they are getting such medicine unless it is regulated.  Dispensaries will be so regulated.  Current caregivers can now include anything with the marijuana—pesticides, mold, bugs, and on and on.  I am not saying that they all do this, but a patient will never be sure unless they receive the marijuana from a dispensary.

 Joyce Augustine


 Editor’s Note: Due to space limitations, the second half of this letter will be continued in the April 23 edition.

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