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Derby driver at 71 years young

Though only recently moved to the area, Chris and Lindya Jones want to meet lots of people and enjoy much of what Lake County has to offer.  So, they figured, why not enter a 1990s pink Cadillac in the Destruction Derby and see what happens?

The kicker, of course, is that it won’t be Chris driving the car, but Lindya, who is 71-years-old as of this year.  Though her husband is more familiar with such events, Lindya is the one who has the Derby on her Bucket List.

Chris was involved in drag racing back in his high school years.  He also recalls that Destruction Derbies similar to our own were big in the San Francisco Bay Area during the 1960s.

Lindya found out about the Lake County Derby through locals after the couple moved into Valley Falls.  They bought the 5-acre land and house in October of last year, and moved in this past March.  Though they were originally searching for a Pontiac Firebird, when the Joneses found a Cadillac with a bent frame, they knew they found the right car.

The Cadillac ran just fine, said Chris, but the tires couldn’t be aligned with a bent frame.  Chuck Mobley, who has worked on cars for the Derby in the past, is responsible for fixing up the Cadillac.  Neither the transmission nor engine has been changed, but the car will be repainted with a push button starter installed.

The Joneses say they enjoy the peace and quiet of the area and the people here too.  So, if you’re going to the Derby this weekend, keep an eye out for a pink Cadillac with a big 71 on the side.  Lindya Jones will be driving and she’s driving to win!

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