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Desert Cruisers welcome racing season with two-day race event

Desert Cruisers welcome racing season with two-day race event

Drag racing season commenced for 2013 with a two-day race held on Saturday, June 15 and Sunday, June 16.

Sportsman, Pro and Super Pro classes ran on both days, along with a Gambler’s Race that provided any willing participants an opportunity to run for a cash pot, split 60-40 between the winner and runner-up.

On Saturday, the Sportsman final came down to two Nevada racers, Marc Klose in a ’91 Toyota Celica, and Tami Phillips in an ’85 Mazda RX-7.  Klose took the win, running a 12.585 on a 12.53 dial-in at 55.97 miles per hour with a .556 reaction time.

Phillips placed second with a 12.282 on a 12.36 dial-in at 58.70 miles per hour and a .727 reaction time.

The Pro class final also brought a pair of visiting racers to the line, with the clean early Chevy Nova of Dairy’s Paul Melsness running a perfect 7.100 on a 7.10 dial-in at 97.02 miles per hour and a .682 reaction time.  Runner-up was the Mopar mobile of Larry Cravy of northern California, who ran a 7.102 on a 7.00 dial-in at 98.66 miles per hour.  Cravy red-lit with a .441 reaction time.

Super Pro saw a final pairing a door car with a dragster, namely the Chevy Vega of Phil Elder and the dragster of Melvin Dick.  It was the dragster’s day to shine, with Dick running a 6.769 on a 6.68 dial-in at 100.11 miles per hour, on a .569 reaction time.

Elder ran a 7.416 on a 7.38 dial-in at 95.62 miles per hour, with a .669 light.

On Sunday, Elder switched rides, piloting the Desert Cruisers’ club car, a ’62 Chevy Impala, to victory over Klose.

Elder ran perfectly on his dial with an 8.400 on an 8.40 at 81.11 miles per hour, despite a leisurely .932 reaction time.

Klose, comparatively, broke out by running too quick with a 12.567 on a 12.58 dial-in at 54.55 miles per hour and a .563 reaction time.

In Pro, Melsness and Cravy also met for the final, with Cravy taking the Sunday afternoon win.  Cravy ran a 7.699 on a 6.99 dial-in at 98.99 miles per hour while Melsness ran a 7.033 on a 6.90 dial-in at 97.57 miles per hour.

Super Pro saw two Lakeview racers line up, with the yellow ’40 Ford coupe of Mike Yates edging out Greg Randolph.

Yates ran a 7.41 on a 7.40 dial-in at 96.58 miles per hour, while Randolph broke out with a 7.343 on a 7.36 dial-in at 95.62 miles per hour.

Yates also defeated Jesse Alexander in Sunday’s Gambler’s Race, which featured a $10 buy-in for interested racers.

The $80 pot was divided up in a 60-40 split between the winner and runner-up.

Yates ran a 7.423 on a 7.40 dial at 96.40 miles per hour, while Alexander narrowly broke out with a 7.539 on a 7.54 dial-in at 92.97 miles per hour.

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