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Designated Routes = Closed Forest

The US Forest Service is currently taking comments on the Blue Mountains Forest Plan Revision (BMFPR). This plan will serve as the “zoning ordinance” for the three National Forests found within the Blue Mountains. One particular phrase should be of grave concern for any member of the public that enjoys motorized access into “The Blues”.

Designated Routes sounds like a harmless enough phrase that you simply designate uses of current roads and move on life, unfortunately it’s not that harmless. Designated Routes are the cornerstone of how the US Forest Service has successfully closed 100’s of thousands of acre’s of public lands throughout the west, and it has also been successfully stopped in regions where the public has actively engaged in the process and acted against it.

To understand Designated Routes one need look no further than their home. Invision your home as it is now, with the freedom to move through it as needed, accessing every resource you need to have a complete home.

Now let’s “designate routes” through your home. Lay a piece of tape down the middle of all your floors, you are only allowed to be 3 feet from the tape at any time. You may not touch any items outside that 3 foot buffer.

Your yard has been deemed needed as a “wildlife corridor” area and now is off limits to any big wheel, tricycle or lawnmower activity. You may walk into your yard, however, you may not utilize any motorized tools.

Does this make the picture clearer as to what the BMFPR really is? It’s Travel Management (Road Closures) with a different spin on it.

The USFS will tell you it’s not about road closures, and that is a true statement. This document is even more sinister, as it sets the foundation for the USFS to close roads as it states it is YOUR DESIRED CONDITION to see Routes Designated.

You had better get to commenting on the BMFPR.

John D. George


One Response to "Designated Routes = Closed Forest"

  1. harvey winer  June 13, 2014 at 8:06 am

    Just like the situation of Bundy’s in Nevada, the Government uses their rules to have so called public land domain, and then charges us, for use of the public lands, and fees at every outing whether camping, picnicking, or even getting a Christmas tree or fishing and hunting giving freebies to ranchers, and farmers of free fire control, and watering tanks for their cattle at less than $1.35 a head.
    We pay multiple taxes, from our front door to the Federal Government, and they keep increasing their budgets to increase, our taxes of individuals, and give us one vote, one time, to these lifer career politicians, who bask in the filthy rich laws of Reagan Politics, that can’t enforce or export illegals, with their loophole open immigrantation law, of birth born illegal children getting free citizenship. This is better than amnesty for two year, which has expired by Obama, attempting to get this spit party prostitution of the T party, Libertarians, and Green Peace which are all clones, of the GOP to get of their “lazy lame duck butts” in the worst Congress to take action before re-election 2014, we have had in our history, to close this loophole laws, and export illegal, not teach them English, and give them special treatments, in our social service systems, as well as instant checks monthly, to send back to their Country such as Mexico, the open door of South American illegals, Drug Cartels, who bring in illegal drugs to support the dope head in Oregon, and the United States over populating our prisons, like the Correctional Center at Jack Rabbit hills, costing us more monies, and more taxes to support, and house these illegal criminials, instead of shipping all of them back to Mexico, and South America, as well as Cuba, because our Borders are unsecured, and unprotected by the GOP prostitutes, since Reagans laws failures, since 1986 have gone unenforced, and uncheck. Put that in your pipe, and smoke it, as the ranchers, and farmers get cheap wage day workers, or seasonal workers, that only increase our food prices, by the middle men profiteering at present, gone unregulated, and unenforced to stop them all, dead in their tracks victimizing all registered legal United States, and State taxpayer voters to increased costs, and no or little jobs of minimum wage, as these illegals, and children drive their Cadillac’s, to our welfare offices, and have yard sales up the ying yang, laughing at us, all the way to their Mexican Drug Cartel banks, and those of South America and Cuba!


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