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Dignitaries sign Innovation and Learning Center MOU

August 7, 2013 by

Thursday, Aug. 1 marked the final meeting between the dignitaries involved in writing the fine print for the Innovation and Learning Center, the new distance education program set to take place at the Daly Middle School.

The day-long meeting covered the solidification of the governance structure for the Innovation and Learning Center and refined the steps needed to take care of pre-planning for the grand opening event some time in November.

Klamath Community College Pres. Dr. Roberto Gutierrez and Lake County School District No. 7 Supt. Sean Gallagher led the discussions and presentations throughout the day, and the group capped the evening off with a social hour and dinner at the Elk’s Lodge.

Throughout the meeting, the different company, government and institutional representatives did their best to establish responsibilities and determine who was in charge of what with regards to the ILC. The chain of command is now closer to being official, with few kinks to work out going forward.

The School District will be providing the facility, as the Daly Middle School is a dormant building already costing the district money. KCC, in addition to Oregon State University, will be the educating parties, providing degrees in a multitude of fields, such as a four-year agricultural degree and welding certificates.

The group also discussed fundraising and the integration of the 501c3 status. If the ILC were able to achieve ILC status, it would attract extra money for the center in the form of federal, state and foundational grants.

Dr. Gutierrez outlined one of the grants on the horizon for the ILC. They recently applied for a Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant program that Dr. Gutierrez believes will further their goal of “equalizing education” by beaming classes from KCC and the ILC to outside areas and rural districts like Lakeview High School, Paisley or possibly North Lake.

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