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District Meeting offers updates on ILC progress

The School District Board met on Monday, Aug. 12, for a regular update and discussion of District business items.  Among the issues discussed were the latest progress and setbacks with the construction and funding for the new Innovation and Learning Center that will be housed inside the Daly Middle School building.

A USDA grant that the District has applied for may result in as many as three extra video conference rooms being added to the one currently planned at the ILC, as well as another at the Lakeview High School, Paisley High School, and the Lake District Hospital.  The USDA offers a Distance Learning and Telemedicine Grant specifically for video conference involving distance education or medical facilities and programs that amounts to $500,000 worth of funding.  The grant application brought before the District Board was written by the KCC in cooperation with the Board and members of Lake County Resources Initiative.

The Board approved the grant as presented, and intends to provide the funds necessary for the grant to match from previous grants secured as part of the funding for the seismic retrofit and construction taking place in the DMS building.  District Supt. Sean Gallagher anticipates the grant being awarded here as the grant favors areas with low socioeconomic status, and the ILC is set to feature a two-year nursing program.

Also discussed were potential issues with a KCC sign that would be part of the ILC campus.  Board members decided that the Daly Middle School and High School signs were too much a part of the history of the building to be covered up or removed, so the sign will be placed near the front sidewalk that runs through the center of the lawn.

Unexpected problems have resulted in some overages on the budget set aside for the seismic project and construction necessary for the ILC, but the Board’s decision was simply to continue with the project until completion.  Feasibility studies initially projected an overall cost of around $1.2 million for the project, which grants for the project covered.

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