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Don’t Lose Our Freedoms

“We the people,” are letting ourselves be taken over by tyrants. These tyrants are the ones we elect over and over again. Some for 20 to 30 years or more. The Constitution does not say that any government office is a life-time career. They need to go. We all are responsible for the mess this Country is in. Our deficit is now at 20 trillion by the time you read this letter and climbing fast. Irresponsible government is at fault.

We elected friends and families, without knowledge or focus on the Constitution only their own personal interest. The politicians wealth that has been accumulated during their terms of public service has become selfish and greed, because it’s Tax Payer money. They line their pockets and their family and friend’s with it. We the people, have turned a blind eye to all the corruption, and under the table favoritism. We the people can and must stop allowing it to happen for our kids and generations to come.

We have to stop the tyranny now, before it is too late. We have a lot to lose if we don’t – Our Freedoms. They are at stake now. God Bless America, so stand up for our rights and our Constitution. Don’t let us lose them. Vote the bums out of office. Go and vote!

 Donna Veerkamp

Neil Harvey


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