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Door Wars and Dash Cams

This is part I, as the original letter exceeded our letter word count.

Of course, Ulys still doesn’t have his doors or accompanying door knows. The irony is not lost on many of us lay persons. It has been over a month since my husband’s letter to the commissioners on this issue. Though the doors may not be the only issue, they represent a big problem. The fist element in securing your car, your house, or your District Attorney’s office is a door. Victims, witnesses, employees, and paperwork are at risk when there is no privacy or security. The problem is so weird, my mind cannot encompass the totality. Who is responsible for this situation?

When Mark Webber heralded the recall effort of 2012 by dragging an old door down the street, past the courthouse, he didn’t realize the full impact of his statement. At the time, he merely recycled an old door to use as a sign. How could he predict that the door signs would be replaced by signs of trouble symbolized by doors?

The voters rallied to the call for change last summer in two ways. One, they signed the recall and two, they voted for Ulys. The two events coincided by accident and not design.

For a moment, put aside concerns about replacing doors. We, the people, didn’t replace enough people. We need to work harder to support Ulys. It is our job to get involved and write that letter or a public thank you. I met a person (downtown) a few days ago who told me how Ulys took care of a problem she rightfully brought to his attention.

 Bonnie Gonzales


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  1. Greg Winchel  June 15, 2013 at 7:41 pm

    Bonnie, there are no accidental coincidences, only coincidences that are significant to be recognized as such. It was no accident that Schutt was not only voted out, but recalled as well. Why would the recall petitioners continue their efforts (for the third time) after he was voted out in May? The simple answer, because the people had enough of his (alleged) illegal, malicious, vindictive and targeted persecution of those that Schutt deemed unworthy of basic, inalienable rights.

    The real question now is, why is Schutt not being prosecuted, sued or both? Is it because his enablers of his eight years of terror on us are either unnamed, retired or promoted? Or is this just another mere coincidence?


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