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EMS provides CPR training

EMS provides CPR training

Lakeview Emergency Medical Services are providing CPR training classes at the EMS building. Most recently on Friday, March 21, a beginner and advanced course was provided to citizens seeking CPR card certification, part of a program that EMS hopes will become a monthly service.

Melissa Vo and Teresa Thomas are two EMS volunteers providing classes on CPR training, with four certified instructors in total connected with the disaster unit teaching American Heart Association CPR and first aid. In all there are 45 active volunteer members of EMS on call available 24 hours a day for emergency situations.

The training consists of adult, child, and infant CPR, first aid, and use of Automatic External Defibrillator (AED) devices. AED devices are supposed to be available at all sporting events and any public building with more than 25 visitors on a daily basis.

“In an emergency there are people on scene before we get there,” said Thomas. “As an ambulance service we get there as soon as we can, but we want to make sure people are educated to do what they can with quality CPR ahead of time before we arrive.”

Cost of the classes are $5 per person for the CPR certification card. All instructors are volunteering their time without pay as a public service to hopefully help save a life. Donations are also appreciated for covering cost of materials for the lungs and faces of training mannequins, which have to be swapped out after each course.

“With training it’s amazing how the knowledge kicks in,” said Vo. “If you’ve practiced with an AED, you will be a lot more comfortable in an emergency situation.”

The disaster unit also provides training courses on first response, EMT basic and EMT advanced training to other health care providers. They also offer a ride-a-long program to people interested in possibly joining EMS. Recent courses taught have included members of law enforcement, health care providers, and EMS.

CPR courses will be offered as often as there is demand. Interested parties can contact EMS disaster unit at 541-947-5555.

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