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Ethnography students set to visit Lakeview

Sometimes the best way to get a finger on the pulse of a community and lifestyle is to dive right in.

A group of ethnography students are slated to arrive in Lakeview next week for a two-week study focused on rural anthropology.

Oregon State University anthropology instructor Dr. Sarah Cunningham will lead the group, which includes students from OSU’s E-campus program as well as Western Oregon University.

Dr. Cunningham said that a total of 11 students are participating in OSU’s ethnography field school, which includes both undergraduate and graduate students.

Students participating in the class will spend two weeks in the area, staying with local host families, which will afford them an opportunity to do field research in a community not their own.

A primary part of the class experience is in gaining hands-on research experience in cultural anthropology; namely open-ended interviewing and participant observation.

A complete story providing an overview of the class and its students will serve as a follow-up in the Examiner in the weeks to come.

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