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Evaluation change coming for teachers, principals

In 2012, the legislative assembly passed Senate Bill 290 to support the Oregon’s waiver to the No Child Left Behind Act.

For the state to uphold its end of the bargain, the government is requiring every state that was granted a waiver to create an evaluation system tied to student performance.

The schools that were not awarded a grant were entitled to choose the tools that best fit their respective districts.

Lake County School District #7 chose the Kim Marshall evaluation format and customized it.

Traditionally, teachers and principals have been evaluated by observation from their superiors. Principals observe the teachers, and superintendents observe the principals.

Now that other characteristics have been included, these new tools expand the breadth of observations and data used in the evaluations of teachers and principals, said Supt. Sean Gallagher.

Observation is no longer limited to the classroom, but can also include meetings, cultural competency and equity, commitment to ongoing success, school improvement process, task management, communication with stakeholders, content and behavioral expectations, and data-based collaboration.

In addition, more than just general student academic performances will be evaluated. The new evaluations will tailor it specifically to what each teacher teaches. For example, “an elective teacher looks at different pieces of data,” said Gallagher, because their subjects vary.

The intended benefit is that it gives educating professionals more data to support their performances during evaluations.

Since the issue was raised at a school board meeting, it’s not yet clear if teachers have been informed of the change in evaluations that will affect them in the 2013-2014 school year.

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