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Everyone Has the Right

What used to be the Moral Majority is becoming increasingly minor. The Bible sounds so cliché today. It has not kept up with the times. Free-thinking people are not bound by old morals. Only a century ago religion played a major role in school conduct.

People today know there are many ways to heaven. The same as driving many kinds of vehicles. Those with Fords believe they have better vehicles than those who drive Chevy’s. It’s a matter of free choice.

There are 10,000 distinct religions in the world. One hundred and fifty of those have more than a million adherents. Islam has 1.5 billion, 1.1 billion Hindus, 900 million Confucians, 390 million Buddhists, 376 million indigenous tribal religions, 14 million Jews. Christianity is the largest group with 2.1 billion.

Within the Christian group there are 33,830 denominations. All claim to have the best vehicle to arrive in heaven. At the time of the Great Flood 4500 years ago it has been estimate there were two-million earthly residents – all free thinkers. Only 8 survived. Clearly the minority.

Two billion people have a single destination and one vehicle, Jesus. That has a lifetime warranty.

The important thing to remember is God wants everyone to be fully convinced in their own mind. He does not like fence-sitters.

Everyone has the right to live as they choose. I think same-sex marriage is a solution to over-population.

David Mason


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