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Expansion planned for Head Start in Lakeview

A draft agreement between the Town of Lakeview and Klamath Family Head Start was presented at the Lakeview Town Council meeting on Tuesday, Sept. 24.

The agreement outlined plans to create a new building for the Head Start facility in Lakeview operated by the Klamath Family organization.

Ray Simms, Lakeview town manager, explained that needed updates to the draft of the agreement wouldn’t happen immediately, as some details still need worked out.

However, the project will attempt to take advantage of Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) program funding.

“Funding is available,” Simms said, “But we’re going to miss the opportunity this quarter.”  Still, he noted they should be able to have the grant back by the end of October or early November when the next quarter rolls around.

The basic agreement states that the Town of Lakeview would agree to sponsor the CDBG application, with Klamath Family Head Start operating the building after construction.

During the construction, the Town would be responsible for any insurance associated with the property and would own all building contracts.

Ownership of the building would be transferred to the Klamath Family group via a trust deed, after construction is complete and an occupancy permit issued.

The Town would be responsible for all costs during construction, requiring Klamath Head Start to reimburse any expenses not covered by the CDBG program.

Klamath Family Head Start would be required, upon receiving the fully approved trust deed, to maintain the buildings and grounds as well as cover all costs and incidental expenses.

For more information on this or other matters of the Lakeview Town Council, call 541-947-2029.

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