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Expo 2014 a customer relations foundation for Rock Solid Builders

Building a solid foundation is the first step of any major construction project; and the foundation of any business, of course, is a customer base.

Heather and J.D. Moseley will be promoting their business, Rock Solid Builders, during this year’s Lake County Expo, set for Saturday, Feb. 22, at the Lake County Fairgrounds.

This marks their first year in attending the event, which draws in plenty of local and regional businesses seeking to promote themselves to the public.

The Moseleys plan on having an abundance of promotional materials available during the Expo, ranging from balloons to brochures.  Sample photographs of work in progress will also afford a glimpse into Rock Solid Builders’ range of projects.

The Moseleys operate Rock Solid Builders, a residential general contractor company, on a business philosophy centered around a broad base of services; a key objective in a rural setting such as Lake County.

The company is prepared to take on projects as specific and small in scale as bathroom tile work all the way up to a full-on new home build.

The husband-and-wife duo established the business in 2007, after moving to Lakeview from LaGrande.  Heather is originally from Lakeview, having grown up in the area from the age of two on, and her parents, Mike and Andralee Adams, own and operate Auto Works.

Construction work is a family legacy for J.D., whose father is also a contractor in LaGrande.

Their primary interest in the Expo is promoting their name to as broad an audience as possible, Heather said.

“We’re ready for our business to grow and to be bigger than what it has been,” she said, “and be more steady and stable.  You’ve got to get your name out there.”

This year’s Lake County Expo’s hours are 9:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. Door prizes will be given away throughout the day (winners must be 16 years or older), and Green Mountain Bakery will serve as the event’s primary food vendor.

Admission is $3 or $2 with a dollar-off discount coupon that will be included in the Lake County Expo edition.

For more information on the event, contact the Lake County Examiner at 541-947-3378 or, for more information about Rock Solid Builders, call 541-786-8811.

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