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Fair Board to integrate smoke-free zones

Changes are underway for this year’s Lake County Round-Up and Fair, as the Lake County Fair Board recently made the decision to implement smoke-free zones during the fair weekend.

The board issued a survey during the 2013 fair weekend, soliciting input from the public on a proposal to commit to a tobacco-free fair, and just recently announced a decision to implement specific zones that are free of tobacco use.

“As a group, we agreed that we want the fair to be a family-friendly event,” said Sean McCallister, president of the Lake County Fair Board. “The survey indicated a lot of support for restricting tobacco use to certain areas.  Rather than creating areas for tobacco use, we chose to create ‘smoke free zones’ at the fairgrounds.”

These zones will primarily encompass the fair’s communal areas, which include the entire midway, food court, exhibit buildings, barns and show ring areas, along with the grandstands.

Tobacco use will be allowed in the parking lots and horse arena.  Fair board member Barb Stephens noted that restricted tobacco use is a widespread trend amongst fairs throughout eastern Oregon.

Board member Nancy Albertson noted that the barns, exhibit builds and grandstands are already non-smoking areas, so the policy would simply expand to include the other high-trafficked, congregational areas of the fair.

Lake County Fairgrounds Mgr. Don Moore plans to have the smoke-free zones clearly marked. He also said that this change is what the majority of the public indicated they would support through the 2013 survey.

“As a whole, people in Lake County are very respectful of the rules,” he said. “We will have the Smoke Free Zones posted and don’t expect any problems.”

For more information, contact the Lake County Fairgrounds at 541-947-2925.

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