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Fair theme contest

The contest for the 2014 Fair and Round-Up theme is nearing its inevitable conclusion, as entries are due by Wednesday, Oct. 30.  This year’s theme was ‘Fun is in the Air at the Lake County Fair’, but the theme can be anything from a single word to a slogan.  The 2012 theme was ‘Boot-Kickin’ Bounty in Lake County’.

In the offing is a $50 cash prize to the writer of the theme chosen from among the entries.  There is no limit on number of entries, so anyone can send in as many theme ideas as they like.  However, only one theme will be chosen.

Theme entries can be mailed to the Lake County Fairgrounds at 1900 N. 4th St.,   The Fair Association board will then gather the entries and choose which one they want to represent the fair.

If it is decided that there are not enough entries, the deadline may be extended, according to the Fairgrounds Mgr., Don Moore.

For more information the fairgrounds can be reached at 541-947-2925 or by email at lakecofair@yahoo.com.

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