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Father’s Day racing action at Lakeview Drag Strip

Father’s Day racing action  at Lakeview Drag Strip

Racing action continued at the Lakeview Drag Strip over Father’s Day weekend, starting on Saturday, June 14.

The Sportsman final came down to a pair of Lakeview drivers, with the very traditional style hot rod ’30 Ford coupe of Wayne Reed taking down the more contemporary flat-black Oldsmobile sedan of Melvin Dick.

Dick had the faster car of the two, but Reed succeeded in a ‘steady-as-she-goes approach’ by running a 9.588 on a 9.55 dial-in at 69.36 miles per hour.  Dick ran an 8.621 on an 8.48 dial-in, with an 80.65 mile-per-hour mark on his run.

The Pro final brought Lakeview’s Jesse Alexander to the line, piloting his mid-70s flat-black ‘shadow warrior’ Camaro to victory against the early-60s ‘silver/grey ghost’ Chevy Nova of Bly’s Robert Melsness.

Alexander was a mere .007-second away from running right on his dial, laying down a 7.507 run against his 7.50 dial-in, at 90.96 miles per hour. Melsness, contrarily, broke out by a margin of 0.026 second, running a 7.024 on a 7.05 dial-in, at 97.25 miles per hour.

The Super Pro final saw Lakeview’s Mike Yates drive his yellow ’40 Ford coupe around the dragster of Bly’s Paul Melsness.

The pairing lined up a seven-second door car against a five-second rail, affording Yates a roughly second-and-a-half head start.

This race was a double breakout situation, in which both drivers ran under their dial-in times. Yates broke out by the lesser margin, and therefore emerged the winner.

Yates dialed a 7.42, and ran a 7.397, cutting a .568 reaction time and running 95.52 miles per hour.

Melsness ran a 5.849 on a 5.90 dial-in, crossing the stripe at 119.61 miles per hour.  Melsness’s reaction time was .784, respectively.

Action continued on Sunday, June 15, with veteran racer Mickey Duggan serving an addition to the Sportsman field.

The final round lined up Duggan’s Plymouth Satellite and Ryan Yates in a ’40 Ford coupe, the latter of which had drawn the bye run in the semi-finals.

Duggan, who dialed an 8.55, had the advantage of a better reaction time as well as a steady approach, running an 8.618 at 69.35 miles per hour in chasing down Yates, who ran a 10.694 on a 10.40 dial-in with a .612 reaction time.

The Pro final was a repeat of the previous day’s race, with Alexander and Robert Melsness serving as the sole Pro competitors.

Alexander, despite breaking-out with a 7.473 elapsed time against his 7.52 dial-in, took the win due to Melsness leaving the line too soon with a .310 red-lighting reaction time.  Melsness ran out his run with a 7.109 on a 7.05 dial-in at 96.54 miles per hour.

Super Pro brought the Chevy Vega of Phil Elder up against the dragster of Paul Melsness.

The fire went out in Melsness’s dragster on the starting line, but despite stalling out Melsness managed to still take the win.  The delay in getting his engine restarted resulted in a 40.937-second reaction time, but still resulted in a win, as Elder broke out by running a 6.728 on a 6.75 dial-in at 103.87 miles per hour.

Ever the good-natured sportsman, Elder later joked that his best efforts to intimidate Melsness on the line were ultimately in vain.

For the record, Melsness recorded a 12.771 elapsed time at 59.80 miles per hour on a 5.65 dial-in as he cruised gently to victory.

The next race on the schedule is the July 5-6 Firecracker Cash Bash, which features a $2,000 cash purse.

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