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Feather Your Nest nestles in new location

Feather Your Nest nestles in new location

Feather Your Nest has recently re-opened in a new location at 220 N. E St., just behind Safeway and Jerry’s Restaurant.  The former Adel Satellite building, which has also been the site of a movie rental store and food venue in the past, will host Feather Your Nest’s variety of secondhand items and antiques from its previous location.

Kathy Rodgers, the owner of the store, hopes to be out of her former building within the next week or two.  Rodgers said the new place has more room, which makes it easier for customers to see things around the store.  This helps with reducing the possibility of thefts as well, as both cameras inside the store and the staff will have better line of sight to their merchandise.

Feather Your Nest first opened in 1999, at 7 N. E St., so Rodgers says the store has kind of come full circle at this point.  She has been working to move out of the former store for several weeks now, but didn’t have the luxury to keep both locations closed during the move.  Thus, the new location was first open just before Labor Day weekend, though the moving process has only lately passed its halfway point.

New displays in the store make it easier to lay out jewelry for customers to browse, while the old video store movie cases provide a way to keep video game and DVD boxes secure while still leaving the covers visible.

Rodgers estimates the selection of DVDs at this point to be over 5,000, with around 4,000 CDs and hundred of games.  Though many of these aren’t yet inside the store at this point, available to browse are a great many pieces of glassware, jewelry, video games and movies.

Rodgers first decided to move about four months ago, and has been working toward that aim up until now.  She’s not sure if the store will be completely set up, but intends the warehouse sale as a sort of grand opening for the new location.

The store will be open on Monday through Saturday from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m., and Rodgers can be contacted for more information at 541-417-1243.

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