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Feedback sought on agency name change

Though little response was received the first go around, Lake County Mental Health Dir. Ben Paz is still looking to garner feedback on a potential name change for the agency.

Paz said a survey was mailed out earlier in the summer seeking feedback from the public, but he suspected the busy summer vacation season likely played a role in the limited returns.

The initial survey issued by the Lake County Mental Health Advisory Board featured inquiries on suggested names, the most and least effective services provided by the agency and solicited suggestions for future services.

The initial timeframe for the survey mailer was late August, early September, but in light of its lack of submissions, Paz said he plans to implement an online-based survey, through such a well-known site as SurveyMonkey, that may be more convenient for a broader audience.

The driving force behind the search for feedback largely stems from a desire to move toward an agency name that aptly captures the all-encompassing capacity of the agency.

A desired timeframe would be for ample data to be collected by the beginning of November, and implementation by the first of the year, but that’s all hypothetical at this stage.

“We really want to have community input,” Paz said, “because that’s who we serve.”

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