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Fire District to train staff and volunteers

Firefighter training classes will be held starting Saturday, Jan. 25 for local volunteers and staff of the Lakeview Rural Fire Protection District.

The classes will provide one of two training courses required of town fire department employees as well as the minimum level of training for volunteers.

“Some new recruits will be participating in the training plus some current firefighters,” said Fire Chief Dennis Morrill.  He explained that the firefighters are required to participate in a certain amount of training each year to maintain their certification.

“Depending on the number of people, I’d like to have this kind of training every two to three years if possible,” said Morrill.

He is also hoping to have a class that covers the next level of firefighter training, beyond the basics that the current class will teach, next year.

The upcoming course will provide training in ladder use, Personal Protective Equipment or PPE use and hose training among other subjects, as well as basics of fire behavior.

At present, Morrill estimated that about 5-6 people would be participating.  Four are completely new to firefighting.

To be employed by the Town’s fire department, firefighters must have this basic course as well as one in apparatus operation.  The second course mostly teaches how to use pump trucks.

The course will end around March, with several weekends and evenings of training along the way.  One weekend will be a performance evaluation, with the requirement that participants demonstrate their knowledge, skills and ability to don their gear within two minutes.

The fire department is also planning a time later in the year where firefighters will have a practice house-fire scenario.

Anyone interested in joining can contact the fire department at 541-947-2504.  Because of the costs of equipment, Morrill stated that the department needs people that are willing to commit and be active in serving.  “The more people we get, though, the better we are,” he said.

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