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Fire Prevention week prepares Union School

Fire Prevention week prepares Union School

Union School Elementary welcomed members of the Thomas Creek/Westside RFPD for a presentation on fire prevention Union3during National Fire Prevention week.

The firefighters covered the basic stop, drop and roll method of putting out fires on clothing, asking children in their audience if they remembered it from previous years.  The presenters also made sure children knew they should have an escape plan, and two ways out from any room or structure.

One of the children remembered that the best way to avoid smoke was to crawl along the floor if they needed to escape a fire.  One of the firefighters, Teresa Thomas, donned full protective ‘bunker’ or ‘turnout’ gear to show the children what a firefighter entering a burning building would look like.

She also wanted to reassure the children that if they heard the sound of a firefighter breathing through a protective mask it was nothing to be scared of.  Two of the other firefighters, Bob and Pam Bertagna, wore basic yellow protective coverings to show what firefighters treating vegetation fires around a structure would wear.

The other member of the four-person presentation team was Christian Rasch, a wildland firefighter.   Rasch showed the Union2kids what a truck that would respond to small range fires looked like.

Each of the two classes of elementary kids was given bags of goodies and educational items to take home.

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