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Firefighters to train at Guard School

South Central Oregon Fire Management Partnership, an interagency partnership will be starting its 2013 Carmen Thomas Memorial Interagency Guard School on Monday, June 17, to Friday, June 21.

The SCOFMP is comprised of several agencies, which includes the United States Forest Service, Bureau of Land Management, Oregon Department of Forestry, United States Fish and Wildlife Service, and Crater Lake National Park.

The school is designed as both a classroom and field training for entry-level firefighters. Courses address Incident Command System (ICS) organization, basic ICS, provides instruction in the primary hazardous materials and standards for survival, as well as the environmental factors that affect the start and spread of wildlife and the recognition of potentially hazardous situations.

Additional topics include human factors on the fire line, such as safety orientation, firefighter preparedness, tools and equipment, firing devices, use of water, suppression, securing the control line, use of maps, scouting, hazardous materials and standards for survival.

Crews of students and entry-level firefighters of anywhere between 6 to 10 will be led by an experienced firefighter on how to manage their fire lines.

To complete the training, they will receive their first experience on a fire line dealing with a live fire on Friday, June 21.

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