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First of two non-partisan proposal hearings held

One of two scheduled public hearings was held last week regarding the subject of a resolution that would change the county commissioner positions  to non-partisan status.

The Commissioners held the hearing for the south end of the county at their Wednesday, May 15, regular session.  A second public hearing will be held at the Commissioners’ June 5 meeting in Fort Rock, affording northern county residents an opportunity to comment on the matter.

The county’s legal counsel, Jim Bailey, provided background on the subject at the head of the hearing.  He said that the board decided to move forward with a resolution that would change the ordinance that currently defines the commissioner positions as either Republican or Democrat in partisanship.

At present, Commissioners Brad Winters and Ken Kestner serve as republicans, while Dan Shoun was elected as a democrat.

Following the mandated public hearing process for the resolution, it must be placed on the fall general election ballot for voter approval, Bailey said.  The resolution cannot be put into effect until a vote of the public is held, he noted.

A primary supporter of the resolution, Lakeview resident Frank Vaughn, was present for the hearing and the sole member of the public to provide oral support for it during the hearing.

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