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Flamingos flock to Lakeview lawns

Flamingos flock to Lakeview lawns

Property owners beware, and prepare to get flocked! Starting this week through Memorial Day, unsuspecting Lakeview residents may awake to find their yards swarming with pink flamingos.

The Lakeview High School senior class is participating in a fundraiser, placing a yard full of plastic birds on victim’s property. To get the birds removed, a donation should be left, as well as an opportunity to exact revenge on someone by having the opportunity to name who should be the next victim.

It is a campaign first done in 2012 by the LHS seniors, a fundraiser to help pay for the senior grad trip, ensuring a safe and sober graduation night.

“People had a real good time with it last time, the kids think it’s fun, and it’s a great way to support the seniors,” said Jill Harlan, one of the organizers for the senior trip.

The hope is to raise $1,000 from the flamingo fundraiser, going towards the cost of a planned trip for LHS seniors to travel to the Santa Cruz Boardwalk and California Great Adventure following graduation on May 31 after a party organized by the Elks Lodge. It’s all part of an effort to let the graduating seniors have some fun in a safe, sober, supervised manner.

“We’ve been fundraising for a while, this community has been amazing at how well they support it, many business have donated to the trip as well,” Harlan added.

Flamingos have already appeared on a few lawns, with plans for around 50 to get flocked by the time the campaign concludes. For the individuals who do get flocked, a large sign will be placed for the residents to leave a $20 donation and a phone number to call to have the birds removed, and to name the next victim. People may also buy Flocking Insurance for $20 to ensure their yard does not fall prey to the rampaging birds again.

In all around 20 seniors will be participating in the pranks, with adult supervision, and the police have been notified in advance so as to avoid any unfortunate misunderstandings that may come from late night flockings.

For more information please contact Harlan at 541-417-1981.

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