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Former employee takes the reins at the Happy Horse Deli

Former employee takes the reins at the Happy Horse Deli
June Albertson

June Albertson

Taking the reins from retiring owners Bill and Prairie Plumb, June Albertson now owns and operates the Happy Horse Deli and Desserts at 728 N. 4th St. in Lakeview.  Her transition was eased with the help of the Plumbs in early January, officially taking ownership of the deli on Jan. 2, before she began remodeling.

Albertson has a long history working for the Plumbs, having been employed at the Happy Horse back in her high school years.  She came back to help them for a time in December before she took over for good.

The switch has brought few changes to the menu with the addition of two new sandwiches that Albertson says are favorites of her children.  “Tate’s Grinder” and “Taylea’s Veggie” are the new arrivals, with a familiar lineup of made-to-order sandwiches and daily soups.

Albertson has chosen to set the hours for the deli as 9 a.m. to 3 p.m., Monday through Friday.

Her business also now has the necessary equipment to accept credit cards as well as cash and checks.  Options for refreshment include coffee, fountain drinks, iced tea and bottled lemonade and juices.

“We have a few daily specials, cornbread with chili and such,” said Albertson.  She also noted that she tries to have two take-home dessert options packaged and ready for people each day, in addition to homemade pies.

“I like to say it’s a deli and dessert,” offered Albertson, whose plans for the future include evening specials like a rib night and special openings for weekend events.

“People can rent the place for the evening,” she said.  “I’m more than willing to open up for showers, birthday parties, even on weekends.”

Albertson is also offering catering services, making things like meat and cheese trays for groups.

Remodeling allowed Albertson to gain more room in the kitchen area and install a new oven.  The décor around the deli has also been redone and a new floor installed.

“There are no antiques for sale,” Albertson said, naming another significant change from the former deli and antique store.  So far, she says, people seem to like the new décor.  “I think people like the change, that it’s a bit different,” she said, though she says it was well liked before as well.

Seating for up to 45 people is available in the deli, which is only a few more chairs than before.

As her reason for purchasing the business, Albertson said she enjoys seeing everyone who comes in and that she’s always liked to cook.

For more information, the Happy Horse Deli and Desserts can be reached at 541-947-4996.

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