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Former Lakeview resident releases newest novel

Former Lakeview resident Rod Collins’ latest in the series of Sheriff Bud Blair mystery novels is now available.

The book, which continues the adventures of a fictional Lake County Sheriff, was published by Bright Works Press.  As in previous installments, the story features Lake County as a pivotal setting, this time featuring Lakeview as the principal community.

The story opens in Klamath Falls, and expands to an international level as Sheriff Henry “Bud” Blair finds himself caught in the crosshairs of cartel-based vengeance.  The war is taken to Mexico in an effort to curtail growing drug-fueled violence in Lake County.

In a protracted effort to protect the sheriff from reprisals, his friends plan an attack against the Ortega cartel family in Sonora, Mexico, but, as things seldom are as simple as planned, it does not end there.  A rival cartel fully intends to teach Bud’s friends to leave issues of Mexico to its natives.

“They take the war to the cartel in Mexico, and leave Bud at home,” Collins said.  “The women seem to like it better than the men.”

An additional subplot focuses on the book’s 13-year-old namesake, who flees to Oregon’s high desert region after witnessing her mother’s live-in boyfriend beat a man to death.  The sheriff, through an Amber Alert, becomes aware of Mariah’s life-or-death journey and sets out to find her before it’s too late.

The book notably is a 2013 nominee of the Global eBook Awards.  Along with being available in paperback format, priced at $9.95, it can also be obtained as an e-reader book through the Bright Works Press web site for $2.99 through Amazon.com as a Kindle e-book, as well as through Barnesandnoble.com.

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