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Free Bike Helmets

There’s a saying about helmets: if you’ve got a ten-dollar head, buy a ten-dollar helmet, but let’s face it, you truly can’t put a price on safety.

The flip side to this is ‘free’ certainly is the best price of all, especially in these continually trying economic times.

Thanks to a program funded by the Oregon Department of Transportation, free bicycle helmets are available at the Town of Lakeview Police Department, who is currently dispensing these potentially life-saving items locally at no charge.

Adm. Asst. Sheryl Prock said that multiple sizes are available and while primarily for youth riders, some extra-large sizes are available for adult bicyclists in need of a helmet.

“We can accommodate at any time,” she said.

For more information, contact the Town of Lakeview Police Department at (541) 947-2504.


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