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Geo system pipes and equipment installed

Geo system pipes and equipment installed

“We’re getting close to completion,” said Ray Simms, Lakeview’s town manager.

On Thursday, Dec. 12, contractors, Town Engineer Darryl Anderson and Simms gathered to look over controls for the geothermal system as the pipes began to fill with hot water from the well south of Lakeview.

“We’re running water through the pipes, which takes two or three hours,” said Simms on Thursday morning.

The geothermal well pump and many other final touches were completed over the past few weeks.  This ended a series of holdups for the project that pushed the completion date further and further back.

“There might be a week to ten days of starting up,” stated Simms. “Undoubtedly on a system this big, there will be problems to be dealt with.”

Representing the USDA, which funded the project, State Environmental Coordinator Charlotte Rollier and Community Programs Specialist Pam Swires visited on Friday to look over the project.

The two are part of the USDA Rural Development department.  Rollier originally helped ensure that the project would comply with the National Historic Preservation Act.

Lakeview School Supt. Sean Gallagher, when asked about the project, said he was tremendously excited.  “The boilers kicked off this morning,” he said. “I’ve been grinning ear to ear every time I think about it.  A few people at school have asked if it’s hotter inside.”

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