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Geothermal project underway

Geothermal project underway

In a day that some joked might never come, construction on the geothermal well has begun as of Monday, June 10.

Diversified Contractors Inc., of Klamath Falls have marked the streets around town indicating where the pipeline will go. The project will derive its source from the Barry Well, where initial marking has outlined the route that will lead through the south side of town and eventually end up at the Lakeview High School and Daly Middle School, or the upcoming Western Regional Innovation Learning Center.

Dirt has already been moved at the site of the reinjection well. This is the first location that construction has taken place, with piping having arrived Monday, June 17, to be laid underground.

The geothermal project was originally intended to have construction start before June 10, but suffered some setbacks that pushed the date of completion back.

Darryl Anderson, engineer and project manger, said that he anticipates there will finally be heat in the buildings by November.

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