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Get the Facts First

I read the Letters to the Editor this past week and I can’t believe how people can put the jail and the employees down when never having been. I am sure you are listening to the innocent people who have done nothing to be in jail to begin with. Are these the people that impress you the most?

I happen to know that the Sheriff  and Lt. Havel can only do so much with the money they are allowed. They have been working in the jail and trying to get it up to standard. Phones, heating system and the cameras are all new equipment.

As for the Visitation Room, yes there was a board on the wall and it looked bad. It was kicked by one of those so-called wonderful people you are listening to and he knocked a hole in the wall and it had to be fixed. It was that or no visitation at all. Oh yes there went some more of the tax dollars.

The reason for short phone cords is for safety and security of the facility. Inmates have been known to hang themselves in the prisons and jails.  So think about what you are saying and if you need to know anything ask Sheriff McDonald or Lt. Havel, they will be happy to answer your questions.

Mr. Chastain, you have a sign that says, “Show Them the Door?”

Well maybe Lake County needs to show you the sign 395 South and send you back to California. If you don’t like it here you can leave. Evidently you and the Gonzales family have decided not to be a part of the team. I really don’t know why you are trying to attack our family. We have always worked hard. If you want to write about something make sure it is true!

Shirley Lepori


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