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Graduating Seniors honored at Senior Awards Night

Accolades were plentiful as Lakeview High School seniors were showered with awards and praise from teachers and faculty during the annual Senior Awards, held at Honker Court on Wednesday, May 29.

LHS Principal Steve Prock opened the festivities praising the senior collective for their efforts during their four years, and occasionally dished out dirt on a few select easy targets all in good fun during the celebratory event.

Awards for scholastic and athletic achievement, attendance, participation in extra-curriculars, volunteerism, cooperation and more were presented, usually with a funny story or two added for good merit. Several scholarships were also announced, while honor society graduates were officially presented with honor cords. Senior class officers and valedictorians were also recognized for their achievements, and department heads were each given opportunities to share the impact that the class of 2014 has had on the school and community.

The Principal Awards were given to Saul Ballaine, Buzz Johnston and Breanna Rodriguez. Academic Fitness Award recipients included Brandi Larson, Ashley Reese, Melissa Barnes, Rachel Leal, Aurora Price and Madison Benedict. Students completing the ESESS CTE Program were honored, including Michael Cooney, Daniel Smith, Tristan Witham, Justin Connor, Lane Hadley, Berenice Roman, Dalton Alexander, Jessica Alves, Amber Lucas and Ashley Reese.

The Jessica Ellis Memorial Scholarship was awarded to Nathan Harlan. Lane Hadley received the Klamath County Sports Officials Scholarship, Melissa Barnes was the recipient of the AAUW Scholarship and FFA Alumni Scholarships were distributed to Jessica Alves, Amber Lucas and Ashley Reese.

Rachel Leal received a special award for having perfect attendance, while Melissa Barnes and Berenice Roman were recognized for having no tardies. Roman was also recognized, along with Nathan Harlan, as being the “most cooperative” among the seniors.

Multiple awards were given out by teachers for participation in band/choir, achievements in mathematics and english, fine arts, physical education, business, science, and language.

Members of the 2014 Honor Society include Madison Benedict, Ashley Reese, Brandi Larson, Rachel Leal, Aurora Price, Melody Gee, Angela Gee and Michael Cooney, while honor cords were also awarded to Berenice Roman, Melissa Barnes, Ashley Reed, Marina Brazeal, Nathan Harlan and Logan Staub.

Senior class officers for 2014 are Michael Cooney, Brandi Larson, Rachel Leal, Ashley Reese, Jessica Alves, with Larson, Reese and Leal sharing valedictorian honors.

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